We warmly congratulate our company on the Great Wall system QES examination and approval success


QES management system is the abbreviation of quality,environment and occupational health and safety management system,including ISO9001 quality standard,ISO14001 environment standard and ISO28001 occupational health and safety standard.Among them,Q stands for quality,E stands for environment,S stands for safety,and at the same time,S stands for occupational health and safety.The theoretical essence of QES management system is:adhering to the idea of PDCE cycle;Everything starts from reality.Working methods of seeking is facts and rational thinking;A thinking mode that focuses on continuous improvment continuously;Systematic thinking and pragmatic starting point of practical work;Pay attention to actual effect,appropriate scientific evaluation method.The management system will be more efficient,optimized and applicable through continuous improvement of PDCA.

QES management system requires enterprise management behavior to be under control,that is,there must be a clear rule of the game for all employees and relevant parties to follow it.Require management work procedures,documentation,(and)standardization,All enterprises can establish a QES management system(that is)suitable for their own characteristics according to the methodology and practice.The QES management system contains four levels of documents:"QES management manual","QES program file","inspection procedures,technical standards,operating instructions,management system","record documents and forms".

Since our company first obtained the quality management system certificate in 2005,we have successively obtained the safety and health management system certificate.The QES certificate shall be replaced every three years.Our company has obtained the QES management system certificate for 11 years.During these 11 years,the company has been operating well under the guidance of QES management system,and all the work has been carried out in an orderly manner,which has been praised by the industry.

From April 27 to 29,2016,tianjin Great Wall quality assurance center reviewed our company's three systems of quality,environment,occupational health and safety.The auditor made a comprehensive inspection on the design,procurement,production,quality control and system operation of the BOP,WPCE,downhole tools and drillingtools and accessories in three days.After the inspection,the audit team agreed to replace the certificate.The QES quality management system of our company complies with the standards of GB/T19001,GB/T24001,and GB/T28001.Tianjin Great Wall Quality Assurance Center issued a new certificate of quality,environment,occupational health and safety to our company on May 13,2016.

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