The first domestic wellhead remote quick connector was put into use


  China National Petroleum News (Special Reporter Chen Fan Correspondent Hu Jia) On July 19th, the C4394 team of the logging company Changqing Branch took out a perforating gun string from the well on the Hua H41-2 well site of Changqing Oilfield. The successful completion of the bridge-fire joint construction task marks the first successful domestic application of the first domestic wellhead remote quick connector.

  According to the introduction, the domestic wellhead remote quick connector provided by Changqing Branch is another tool for speed-up and efficiency-enhancement of "bridge-shot combined fracturing". The device can realize operations such as remote hoisting insertion, remote locking and locking, rapid pressure test, remote unlocking, hoisting and unplugging, remote pitching, etc., which not only keeps the operator away from the high-pressure area of ​​the wellhead, but also reduces the risk of high-altitude operations and high-pressure area operations. Greatly reduces the labor intensity on site, improves the construction efficiency, and saves wellhead installation time by more than 25 minutes compared to manual operations.

  In order to ensure the success of the domestic wellhead remote quick connector in the first battle, Changqing Branch arranged the C4394 team to equip the instrument, invited technicians to carry out on-site training, and mastered the technical principle and operating specifications of the wellhead remote quick connector. Lay the foundation for successful application.

  As of now, Changqing Branch has successfully operated three times using domestic wellhead remote quick connectors. The success rate of one-time wellhead docking, pressure test success rate, and remote pitching success rate are all 100%.