The company's "production, study and research" activities


Technical exchange between the company's technical research and development team and experts and professors of Xi'an Petroleum University

On August 25,Li Jianbo,the general manager of the company,led the company's chief engineer,deputy chief engineer,director of the research and development center and the research and development engineer to the lecture hall of the School of Mechanical Engineering of Xi'an Petroleum University,and conducted technical exchanges with Professor Dou Yihua,the dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering,Professor Cui Lu,the vice president,and 16 doctoral professors in materials,fluid mechanics,and mechanical electronics.Li Jianbo,the general manager of the company,explained to the experts and professors the company's development strategy,product orientation,basic theoretical calculation and analysis in the research and development work,the application of surface sulfur resistant and erosion resistant materials and other"sticking points,blocking points"and other short board problems.Dean Dou Yihua introduced the discipline characteristics of the college and the academic expertise of experts and professors,and the two sides discussed and exchanged relevant technical issues and forms of school-enterprise cooperation.Both parties reached the following consensus:

1.Cooperate to establish the school-enterprise"Research Institute of Fracturing Well Control Equipment Technology",a provincial engineering technology research and development center approved by the government;

2.The college employs company technical experts as part-time instructors to participate in the training program,topic selection and thesis defense of undergraduate and graduate students of the college;

3.Both parties signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement and jointly applied for the superior evaluation of the project results by taking the project contract as the mode of cooperation;

4.Both parties support each other in jointly applying for the provincial and municipal government science and technology research projects and the"Fourteenth Five-Year Plan"technology research and development projects of four major national oil and gas companies including CNPC;

5.Both parties shall jointly formulate national and industrial technical and product standards and specifications;

6.Both parties sign a technical confidentiality agreement.