For the first time, the coiled tubing string of tuhawenmi # 1 well was successfully pressed out


On May 28,our company"coiled tubing preset up and out speed tool tubing string"achieved the first success in China in the operation of coiled tubing string the Tuhawenmi No.1 well.

On May 23,2016,our company independently developed and produced the second test well of coiled tubing removable hanger for increasing production of speed-string in the Tuha Oilfield’s Wenmi No.1 gas well.This operation was led by zou changhong,the project manager of the special operation team underground special operation team of the Tuha oilfield.He baowen of our company served on the site.After intense and orderly operation,he successfully completed the increasing production of the speed string on the afternoon of May 24,2016.On May 25,2016,no pressure was observed inside the tubing.After judging that the sealed plug was not knocked off.After analyzed,the special team decided to take the pipe to check if the plug could be stopped.Before the pipe was pulled on May 28,gas leakage was found inside the pipeline.Because the sealing device of the prepaid front section of the continuous pipeline had the function of blocking the pipeline again,it was able to press 20MPa after throwing.No gas seepage was found inside the pipeline again,indicating that the sealing device was successfully sealed.On May 29,the wellhead was disassembled,the wellhead connector was installed,and the coiled tubing was taken out to inspect tools,the screen pipe of the plug was knocked off,the oil pipe and filter net were blocked by the mud of rust layer,and the oil slurry of 100 meters on the memory of the continuous oil pipe was removed.According to data analysis this is an old well of more than 10 years.The well condition is relatively complicated,but the sealed plug can complete the blocking and sealing function in this case.The use function of the tool has been fully recognized and praised by the customer.The next step is to make relevant process treatment in the well,and the second time is to lower the pipe to improve the output.

It is the first case of domestic oilfield that the early-stage oilfield is used for foreign import or well killing.This operation successfully proved that the leaders and technicians of baoji saifu company developed new products according to the market process demand,and the product performance was excellent and reliable,which met the field operation requirements.

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