China's second west-east gas pipeline is expected to be built in five years


China's second west-east gas transmission line has been started to discuss.Yesterday,a large state-owned oil company insiders said,at present the experts are exploring solution is:on the basis of introducing overseas gas source,or by the tarim basin of new gas source as a starting point,then through the sichuan qinghai to HuGuang the second west-east gas pipeline in our country and the land of imported oil and gas pipeline construction is expected to be built in five years.

In early November,the state council,China's cabinet,published a notice on the website of the national development and reform commission(NDRC)on the implementation of the main objectives and tasks of the outline of the 11th five-year plan for national economic and social development of the People's Republic of China(hereinafter referred to as the"notice").The notice said that during the 11th five-year plan period,the national development and reform commission will take the lead in implementing several key energy projects,including the second west-east gas pipeline and the overland oil and gas pipeline.It also means that the two big projects that have been mooted are confirmed.If production in the tarim basin increases further and natural gas from Novosibirsk and the Middle East is brought in,another pipeline from qinghai will go to sichuan and then to huguang,the person said yesterday at the third china-russia-kazakhstan oil and gas BBS.Is this the direction of the second west-east gas pipeline?Speaking to reporters after speaking on BBS,the person said it was under discussion and had not yet been officially approved.In addition,a number of key energy projects,including the national petroleum reserve base and the pipeline to transport refined oil products from the west to the south,will be launched in succession during the 11th five-year plan.

China's first"west-to-east gas transmission"project starts from tarim oilfield in xinjiang to the west,passing through xinjiang,gansu,ningxia,shaanxi,shanxi,henan,anhui and jiangsu,and finally reaches baihe town in Shanghai.

A senior official of Shaanxi Provincial Natural Gas Co.,Ltd told China business news that Shaanxi is not its market,even though the first west-east Gas transmission line passes through Shaanxi province.""the state has been doing the preliminary demonstration of the construction of the second west-east gas transmission line,and the company has not seen the new document.""He said shaanxi province is short of gas,with actual demand of 1.3 billion cubic meters this year,but usage of 1.2 billion to 1.25 billion cubic meters.If the country formally built the line,then shaanxi province and the provinces along the natural gas demand will be positive.But exactly where he will go is unclear.Huang meilong,an analyst at shenyin&wanguo,said the construction of the second west-east pipeline was normal because the supply of gas has been too small and not enough used."It is possible for China to start the project of jianchuan gas transmission project.