China's first national biodiesel standard has been submitted for approval


China oil network news:China's first national standard of biodiesel,diesel fuel blending biodiesel,has entered the approval process.Experts say the standard will be relatively high,and most of the country's biodiesel producers will have to stand on their toes to meet it.

China's first national standard of biodiesel,diesel fuel blending biodiesel,has formally entered the approval process,which means China's biodiesel will enter the stage of industrialization development.The standard was proposed by China petrochemical corporation and drafted by the research institute of petrochemical science.In order to reduce the dependence on traditional mineral energy,the Chinese government is trying to increase the proportion of alternative energy sources,including biodiesel.At present,there are dozens of enterprises producing biodiesel with an annual output of more than 100,000 tons.A total of 17 technical requirements,such as density,flash point and cold filter points,have been submitted to the national standard,according to zhang yongguang,a professor at the institute of petrochemical science and technology who drafted the standard.He believes that the national standard of biodiesel will be a relatively high standard,and most of China's biodiesel production enterprises have to stand on their toes to reach it.Biodiesel is a clean and renewable energy source.Biodiesel is made from a wide range of raw materials.The liquid fuel made from flax,soybean,rapeseed,rubber seed,paste tung seed,castor,peanut,palm and cotton seed,as well as animal oil,waste food oil and gutter oil is a substitute of high quality petroleum and diesel.

Sun yaping,general manager of hubei xingyu energy development co.,LTD,told reporters that the current biodiesel mainly replaces diesel no.0.Compared with diesel no.0,it is not only environmentally friendly,but also,most importantly,a kind of renewable energy,which can be recycled to alleviate energy crisis and reduce human dependence on oil.Biodiesel is a typical green energy source.The energy consumption of biodiesel production is only 1/4 of that of petroleum diesel oil,which can significantly reduce combustion pollution emissions.Biodiesel is non-toxic,biodegradation rate is up to 98%,the degradation rate is twice that of petroleum and diesel,which can greatly reduce the pollution to the environment when accidental leakage occurs.Plants used in biodiesel production can also convert carbon dioxide into organic matter and solidify in soil,reducing greenhouse gas emissions.The use of waste oil to produce biodiesel can reduce waste oil containing toxic substances into the environment or re-enter the cooking oil system.Planting oil crops in suitable areas can protect the ecology and reduce soil erosion.Based on these characteristics,biodiesel is now forming an attractive green industry.In addition,the unique advantages of biodiesel determine its broad application prospects.Currently,the price of biodiesel in hubei is about 5,000 yuan per ton,while the local price of no.0 diesel reaches 5,700 yuan per ton.Liu huocheng,the general manager of jingzhou taiji biological engineering co.,ltd.in hubei province,saw the broad market and recently began to make a switch to biodiesel.Now,he said,it costs about 3,600 yuan per ton to buy gutter oil,the raw material for biodiesel,while biodiesel costs about 5,000 yuan per ton.Excluding the cost of processing,production and transportation,the profit can reach 400-500 yuan per ton."The introduction of national standards will have a significant impact on biodiesel enterprises."In recent years,biodiesel has attracted more and more attention from the country as an alternative energy source,che changbo,deputy director of the oil and gas resources strategic research center of the ministry of land and resources,told reporters.Biodiesel enterprises are growing rapidly,and there is a rush for biodiesel everywhere.Perhaps seeing the growing commercial potential of biodiesel,such manufacturers are springing up and employing a wide range of"technologies".In recent days,nearly a hundred projects have been launched across the country for biodiesel,both large and small.It can be said that in 2006,biodiesel has not only entered the primary stage of industrial production,but also ushered in the investment climax.However,as for the biodiesel industry,there is no relevant industry regulation in China at present,especially there is no specific regulation on design,construction,installation,debugging and production operation in the aspect of enterprise production,which provides a chance for some people who are eager for quick success and instant benefits.In the production of raw materials,i.e.,waste oil collection,the relevant state departments lack management and supervision.It is reported that in guangzhou,Beijing,hangzhou and other places,there are some organizations that specialize in collecting gutter oil from restaurants and hotels.It is the rapid development of these biodiesel enterprises that makes the supply of raw materials for upstream suddenly popular.They also see huge profits in this emerging industry,hoarding raw materials and arbitrarily raising prices.Mr.Liu said the price of gutter oil,which he bought in the past,was usually 1,500 to 2,000 yuan per ton.Sun has shown the same concern.She said that some illegal traders had raised prices viciously,resulting in a shortage of raw materials,and that the lack of management gave them an opportunity.

It is understood that the current source of raw materials for small and medium-sized biodiesel enterprises is mainly individual traders,most of whom are unlicensed operators,who buy waste oil from hotels and sell it directly to biodiesel enterprises without processing.According to zhang yongguang,the raw material of biodiesel is difficult to reach the standard of use without treatment,which will also lose the advantage of biodiesel.Zhuang xing,an associate researcher at the energy research institute of the national development and reform commission,said that without effective management of these raw material collection organizations,the interests of biodiesel producers would be affected.At the same time,as the raw material collection organizations are mostly composed of individual traders,they sometimes raise the price and sometimes lower the price,seriously disrupting the market order,which will have a negative impact on the formation of biodiesel industrialization.Although the national standard of"diesel fuel blending biodiesel"has just entered the approval process,there is still some distance from the implementation,but biodiesel enterprises are still excited.Sun said the introduction of national standards will have a significant impact on them.On the one hand,the establishment of national standards for those raw material collection organizations can play a certain restrictive role;On the other hand,it will regulate biodiesel enterprises.There are rules to become a square,sun yaping to their enterprises appear confident.

Liu huocheng also thinks,need not see the face of those peddler again later.With national standards,the market will gradually regulate,and biodiesel manufacturers can see better profit prospects.Zhang believes that the introduction of national standards will not only restrict the upstream raw material suppliers,but also have a great impact on the biodiesel production enterprises.It is expected that a number of substandard enterprises will close down and the biodiesel enterprises will be reshuffled.