The Lightweight Lubricators enable the wireline tool string to be introduced or retrieved from a well bore under pressure.

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Product Description

The Lightweight Lubricators enable the wireline tool string to be introduced or retrieved from a well bore under pressure.The lubricator can be used singly also can use multiply according to the requirement of the oilfield operation,but the seal control head always be assembled on the top of the lubricator.Single Lubricator is 0.8-3m,the number of lubricator and total length could be decided by operation.Titanium alloy Lubricator is much better quality and lightweight than normal steel materials.

The Lightweight Lubricators usually consists of four basic parts:a quick union collar,a male quick union,a lubricator tube,and a female quick union.




Product Features

1.The pressure bearing part adopts high strength alloy steel,which has good corrosion resistance;

2.When operated at the wellhead,the nonnut will be hung at the platform,so that the sealing cover can be exposed to the wellhead;

3.There is a convex pipe body in the middle part of the nozzle body,which increases the stiffness of the nozzle and the rigidity of the blowout preventer when it is connected with the nozzle for too long.


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