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Address:No.19 gaoxin road,hi-tech devel-  opment zone baoji shaanxi china
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Company Profile

Company Profile

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  Baoji Saifu Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as Baoji Saifu)was established in March 2004,the company address Baoji Gaoxin 19 Road,registered capital 25.226 million yuan,assets total 12.63 million yuan,2014 total output value 167 million yuan,covers an area of more than 20,000 square meters,more than 130 registered staff and workers,the main products are Well control equipment,downhole tools and coiled tubing.
  The company has a sound organizational structure,set up:downhole tools department,well control equipment department,continuous tubing department,technology research and development center,production center,quality control department,marketing center,financial center,human resources department,administrative department and other departments.The company has subsidiary Aili energy limited and annex Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.The company is a high-tech enterprise with well control equipment,downhole tools,coiled tubing and drilling and production accessories as the leading products of petroleum machinery design and manufacturing.
  The company's main products and services include:well control equipment(drilling blowout preventer series/oil workover blowout preventer series/wire well test blowout preventer series/cable logging blowout preventer series/wellhead equipment and oil recovery Tree Series/fracturing wellhead and manifold series);downhole tools(testing,logging,perforation,acid fracturing and other straight wells)Horizontal Well Completion Tool Series/Steel Wire Tool Series Layered Water Injection Tool Series;Coiled Tubing Equipment(Coiled Tubing Operation Vehicle Blowout Prevention Device Series/Coiled Tubing Sand Flushing,Well Flushing and Fracturing Tools/Coiled Tubing Hanger Series);Engineering Service(Hydraulic Sandblasting Perforation Fracturing/Pumping Bridge Plug Perforation of Oil and Gas Wells Hole fracturing/coiled tubing operation/heavy oil thermal recovery monitoring and other engineering services)
  In order to realize the vision of"becoming a world-class energy development company",the company has set up a provincial-level registered and approved technology R&D center,with an elite R&D team composed of Research Institute professors,high-tech and enterprise R&D engineers,with more than 30 existing technicians,independent product R&D and design capabilities,equipped with Advanced computing into the aided design simulation system,high standards of testing equipment,using three-dimensional solid modeling,dynamic simulation and analysis of the technical project development and product design.Establish project cooperation relationship with many domestic universities,scientific research institutes,large state-owned enterprises R&D institutions,undertake the development and testing of a number of scientific research projects every year.The company has passed API Spec 16A,API Spec 6A,ISO 9001,ISO 14001,OHSMS 28001 and other system certification,for high-tech enterprises in Shaanxi Province.Since 2008,the company's research and development of 35 products obtained national utility model patents,3 products obtained national invention patents.
  The company has sophisticated processing equipment,advanced technology,some of the equipment precision processing level with the domestic industry leading level,the company has all kinds of precision,large,thin processing equipment 52,including CNC machining center,coordinate boring machine,CNC vertical lathe,deep hole processing and other precision equipment more than 30,can fully meet the needs of production capacity.Please.
  The company has a perfect product quality testing system,advanced testing means,complete facilities,with mechanical performance testing instrument,magnetic particle testing machine,ultrasonic flaw detector,high-pressure test room,tensile test and delay test stand and a number of precision testing equipment and test equipment,the company's inspectors have access to the petroleum industry.Training certificate for professional inspectors of well control device quality supervision and inspection center.
  During the production process,the company strictly checks the quality of each process,and implements the management of"product documentation"from the entry of raw materials,process processing,finished product assembly,as well as the matching of outsourcing and purchasing parts.It insists that unqualified raw materials,outsourcing and purchasing parts do not enter the factory,and unqualified semi-finished products do not transfer to work.Sequence,unqualified parts and components do not assemble,does not meet the quality requirements of the product does not ship,for the quality problems in the process inspection,the company will never let go,for the quality of the accident caused by the responsible personnel,the company in accordance with the relevant provisions of the"Quality Reward and Punishment Regulations"to notify punishment,for the quality of the product did not happen in the same month.Therefore,individuals are commended and rewarded.While ensuring product quality,the company pays more attention to product after-sales service.For a long time,the company has set up oil field service stations in major oilfields all over the country.In the form of"Quality Information Feedback Sheet",the company actively solicits the opinions of users on our products,and strives to do a good job of product after-sales service and properly handle them.Product quality problems,through effective implementation of product quality assurance measures,the company has won more users,products sold to Daqing,Jilin,Liaohe,Tarim,Changqing,Qinghai,Tuha,Sichuan,Dagang,Jiangsu,Jianghan,Shengli,CNOOC and CNPC,SINOPEC drilling equipment with the five major companies Operating team to work abroad,the products have served in Iraq,Iran,Sudan,Syria,Angola,Gabon,Indonesia,Kazakhstan,Venezuela and more than ten countries on the oil field.The company has several district after-sales service points in the domestic oil field.It has made important contributions to global petroleum exploration and development.
  In the process of production and operation,the company always adheres to the"integrity,professional,efficient,innovative,happy"corporate values,firmly establish the quality of staff awareness and dedication to work,production and quality successive achievements.The data show that the company's output value has increased year by year,sales revenue has increased year by year,the average annual growth rate of about 50%,the company's output value has maintained a good upward trend for three consecutive years.In 2011,the output value was 36 million 360 thousand yuan,the output value was 90 million yuan in 2012,and 167 million yuan in 2013.


Address:Gaoxin 19 road, high-tech zone,  baoji city, shaanxi province